Running A Query

Running a query in SuperQuaiL is the main focus of this application. The first tab SuperQuaiL presents is the SQL Overview Tab. This tab lists out all the SQL you have been working with. The name column is editable and changing a row's name will change the corresponding tab that holds that SQL statement to change its name. Also, if you decide to save your queries with SuperQuaiL, the tab names are stored as comments in the SQL file. This makes it nice to look at the SQL file since it documents what the query does, and it makes it nice to reload the SQL file in SuperQuaiL.

To create a new SQL Tab click on the button "New SQL" on the SQL Overview tab or press Control+T. A popup box will come up asking you to name the query you are about to create. The default name is just the tab number. Next type in the query in the editor pane and press the "Run" button toward the uppper right. You can also press Control+R to run the query. By default SuperQuaiL shows only the first 1000 rows, but the number can be changed. Once changed, any new tabs opened will use the new value from then on.

After running the query, feel free to resize the columns for the result set returned. The size of each column that is resized will be remembered for future queries. This is usefull since a lot of columns with the same name will probably show the same kind of data. For example, the column "ID" is probably a numeric column that doesn't need to much space. Once you resize the column to 50 pixels, any query that has "ID" as a field will use the previous size as its default size. Since it is based on the column name, you can run queries that have the same column on various tables, and the column size will be remembered.

With the results you have the option to export them to either the clipboard or to a file. There are two formats supported: tab delimited and comma delimted. To export, right click on the results and select the appropriate option.

After running the query, you might want to create another query based on the query you are working on. SuperQuaiL allows you to create a new SQL tab based on the current SQL tab. By pressing Control+Shift+T, a copy of the current tab will be created in a new tab and a popup will ask you to provide a name for the new tab. Logo