Windows Installation

The windows installation is pretty staightforward. Following the steps in the installer is bascially all that is to it. There is one thing to note though, the Windows version of SuperQuaiL stores its files in two places. First, the application is stored either in C:\Program Files\SuperQuaiL or another directory of your choosing. Second, user configuration files are stored under the user's directory. For Windows XP/NT this is usually in the C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\SuperQuaiL. Files stores in here relate to settings SuperQuaiL uses to figure out how big the screen should be and other nifty things.

  1. Download Windows Version of SuperQuail
  2. Run installer
  3. Read License
  4. Select Destination Location
  5. Select Start Menu Folder
  6. Select Icons to Install
  7. Ready to Install files
  8. Extract and Install
  9. Finish Install and Launch SuperQuaiL

Mac Installation

Coming Soon

  1. Download SuperQuail

Linux Installation

Coming Soon

  1. Download SuperQuail Logo