Other features


Command NameLocationShort Cut
Open Sql FileFile->Open Sql File Control+O
Save Sql FileFile->Save Sql File Control+S
UndoEdit->Undo Control+Z
Open New TabTab->Open New Tab Control+T
Copy Current TabTab->Copy Current Tab Control+Shift+T
Close TabTab->Close Tab Control+W
Next TabTab->Next Tab Control+Tab
Previous TabTab->Previous Tab Control+Shift+Tab
ToggleTab->Toggle Control+Back Quote
RunRun->Run Control+R


The clean option takes Java code and extract SQL from it.

Before Clean

After Clean

Look and Feel

The look and feel options can be found in Options->Look and Feel. This will choose the theme used which could be Metal, Motif, Windows, or etc. The choices will depend on the operating system and version of Java used.
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