Database Navigator

The database navigator displays catalogs, schemas, tables and columns of a database in a tree format. This allows you to see the hierarchical structure of the database. If there is only one item in a tree, that item will be collasped to minimize the number of clicks needed to reach a node. With a collaspe, the name of both nodes combined with a period. There are two features of the database navigator that are important: Regex Filter and Query Builder.

Regex Filter

The databse navigator allows you to input a regular expression to filter the tree. Each node has a full path expression that represent the path of the node from the root to itself. So the path for the table "pn_phpbb_user_group" is "phoenix.pn_phpbb_user_group".

A nice feature with regular expression is that the "or" operator can be used. For information about regular expression go to

Query Builder

On each table node there are options to generate SQL statements with the query builder. Right clicking on the node will bring four types of query builders: select, update, insert, and delete. Double clicking on a table node will run "SELECT * FROM <table selected>". Logo