SuperQuaiL is a Java SQL query builder. The goal of SuperQuaiL is to help Java developers who code SQL run and create queries easier. Other database tools focus on making it easy to do database administration and it is nice to be able to inspect the database through these tools. PhpMyAdmin, for example, a is nice web front end that you can run from multiple computers, but the interface is clumsy for the developer. For development, building queries is the main task and having a small program that loads quickly is more helpful than having a complicated interface where you can find out almost anything about the database. SuperQuaiL provides nice features to aid in the process of developing queries quick and easy.

Main features
  • Simple Interface start creating queries right away with the either the editor or the query builder.
  • SQL Oriented views - each SQL statement has its on editor pane to help you focus on the query building process
  • Prepared Statement Editor lets a Java developer create prepared statements instead of just plain SQL. Parameters can be set in an argument panel and run to see what the query will do.
  • Database Navigator with regex filtering browse the database from catalog to schema to table type to table and columns. A text field is supplied in which you can add a regular expression that filters the tree.
  • Query Builder select a table in the database navigator and let SuperQuaiL aid in creating select, insert, update, and delete query statements.
  • Other nifty tools other nifty features as in a clean function that extracts SQL from a Java String.

SuperQuaiL is named as a play on the word SQL. Originally, it was developed as a query builder for the IBM iSeries As400 database. The default tool IBM provided is called the iSeries navigator. This was a decent tool except it took a while to load, about 10 seconds on my Pentium III computer, but what made the navigator clumsy was that I had to click through a tree of items in an explorer til I reached the database node, then on the bottom an option to run queries was given. Although annoying, this wasn't too bad, but the combination of iSeries Navigator and Windows 2000 led to many crashes with either Windows or just the iSeries Navigotor. Thus, SuperQuaiL was created to make it a one click process to run a SQL statement, and not crash my computer like iSeries Navigator did. As time went by, having a little database app was really convenient to have and features quickly started to be added. The very first feature added was a clean function. While debugging code I started copying and pasting code from a Java file into SuperQuaiL, and then I would manually remove Java code until what was left was SQL. After doing this mundane task many times, I figured I might as well let SuperQuaiL do it for me. Now SuperQuaiL has tools to generate SQL and export results to files or the clipboard. With the release of SuperQuaiL, my hope is that you will find it a handy little tool for developing Java. Logo